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The New Year 2019 is approaching. To ensure commodity abundance in this national holiday, trade workers organized mobile outlets. Colorful electric garlands, festive elegant Christmas trees and festive trade in goods of our enterprises of Ashgabat and the cities of the provinces of the country, give impetus to the mood of the people. In order to celebrate the New Year fun, joyful and noisy is very important well-organized trade. In these pre-holiday days, our most visited places are retail outlets, because each of us wants to spend the holiday with abundant treats.
Since the beginning of December, 375 mobile retail outlets have been organized in the capital and in all provinces of the country. In the outlets you can see an abundance of tropical fruits like apples, pears, bananas, pineapples, orange, mandarins, kiwi and vegetables like tomatoes and cucumbers. The abundance of juices, different drinks, milk and bread products, meat and oil, eggs, sugar, marinade and others, fully meets the demand and desire of consumers. To meet the New Year in a fitting manner, you can also use the pre-holiday services of mobile outlets! For you to spend a national holiday with dignity, outlets are waiting for you!

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