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In the capital and region centers numerous markets and outlets, provide modern and timely trading services to the population. In these food markets and shops, the buyer is offered a wide range of food products, such as bread and bread products, dairy products, meat, butter, sweets and biscuits, fruit drinks, jam, flour, sugar and other food products. In addition, there is a trade of semi-finished products and salads. Also, these January days food markets are fully provided with vegetables and fruits, poultry and egg, fish and fish products. The needs of the population in tropical and exotic fruits are also satisfied. Dried grapes, dried figs, apple and dried apricots are the most necessary food products in the winter. "Teke bazar", state shopping center" Gulistan", markets "Gundogar"," Bereketli","Buzmein" and shopping and entertainment center "Berkarar", the most visited places of our capital these days. In Akhal region the most visited places of the population of the province are markets "Goktepe", "Ak Bugday", "Baherden". An example of such markets in the Balkan region can be markets №1 and №2, "Daihan" and wholesale market. In Lebap, Mary and Dashoguz provinces there are also numerous food markets, which are popular with the local population. Now, in all enterprises of the service sector, customers can pay at their discretion, or by Bank cards "Altyn Asyr", or in cash. Settlement terminals in retail outlets allow customers to make payments quickly and in a timely manner.

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