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In honor of the holiday, the 23rd anniversary of the Permanent Neutrality, a contest entitled “The Best Enterprise of 2018” was held by the Ministry of Trade and Foreign Economic Relations in cooperation with the trade union of workers of the Trade and Business Sphere, the central council of the Trade Unions of Turkmenistan. This time it was held in the Balkan velayat. The main goal of the competition was the cultural customer service of trade enterprises, the production of high-quality food products, the fulfillment of goals by trade employees and more. Enterprises and organizations participating in the competition were assessed according to several criteria, for example, commodity turnover, production capacity and financial indicators, indicators of a healthy lifestyle, labor protection and safety measures, provision of merchandise points and several other estimated requirements of the competition. According to the results of the competition, the first place went to the Serdarsky consumer society, the second place was taken by the consumer society of the Esenguly etrap, the third place was given to the Gyzylgai consumer society. Winners got the right to participate in the final of the competition. They were awarded certificates of honor and gifts.

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