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Health is the most valuable thing a person has. The health of the nation is the health of the country. Through the efforts of the distinguished President in our country all the conditions have been created for maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Another evidence of this is the sports complex "Bagtyyarlyk."
Yoga recreational gymnastics
One of the most visited groups is yoga. After the opening ceremony in 2015 with the participation of the Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modini, the yoga department is now successfully operating and receiving visitors. The health benefits of yoga are endless. Proper yoga, will give the human body flexibility and beauty.
Swimming pool for adults and children
One of the most beneficial movements for human health is swimming. At the sports complex there is a children's pool, two aqua parks and a 25 meter, 5-line pool. For those who want to send their children to swimming lessons, the doors of the sports complex are always open.
Gyms which equipped with modern sports equipment
The sports complex has all the conditions for those who want to improve their health with the help of special sports equipment. There are two gymnasiums in the sports complex, which are equipped with the most modern gym equipment from leading companies in the world. That is why in these gyms always crowded.
Welcome to the sports complex "Bagtyyarlyk."

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