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The topics highlighted at the working meeting received further elaboration at the session of the Caspian Editorial Office under the media forum. Specially for the participants of this event, Turkmen delegation made presentation of the World Weightlifting Championship in Ashgabat in November this year, having introduced the conditions made for highlighting of the tournament by foreign mass media.
It was highlighted that this sport event would attract the attention of many world mass media and national new agency “Media Turkmen”, which website www.orient.tm provides current information about coming competitions, became general informational partner of the world championship for creation of relevant conditions.
For the Caspian states, which are united by common sea, therefore, by the issues related to it, the vector of improvement of cooperation in informational sphere bearing huge historical and ethnographic layer, colossal charge of goodwill of the nations of the region, its crossed diasporas seems to be the main in making of the relations with entire world. This is the aspect where geographical specification determines the focuses of foreign course of Turkmenistan.
Representatives of international channel RT (Russia Today), which Turkmen mass media productively cooperates with, have also taken part in the forum. Recently, the group of RT has visited Turkmenistan for highlighting of Amul – Hazar 2018 eco rally raid.
Participation of Turkmen delegation in the IV Caspian media forum where our journalists and periodic press have won the awards in different nominations of “Caspian Sea without Border” International contest became another step toward the expansion of the audience of Turkmen mass media by placing of its news, informational and analytical materials and other content in leading foreign resources.
Such partnership opens new opportunities for exchange of practice, use of advanced technologies and realization of joint projects as well as development of internet space and network communication by Turkmen broadcasting channels. Undoubtedly, all of these directs national journalism to creation of more qualitative informational product and will stimulate the growth of professional level and creative processes in this sphere.

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